So, my very first post then. This has been a very bumpy-road day. First of all, i had a FRENCH oral exam today, which went straight to hell. I passed with the grade 2+, on a scale where 6 represents the best grade, and 1 is a complete failure. My subject was Paris. I thought I really was going to get a better grade than 2, untill i noticed i was 15 minutes too late (because the computer system sucks at my school), so my presentation didn't last for too long ... (what an idiot I am!) 
Well, enough of that french bullshit, and lets talk about the great thing that happened today instead! When i came home, i was exhausted, so i lay down in a very confortable position on the couch, and fell immediately asleep. I woke up a few hours later thinking "Aww, what the hell?" being all wet of sweat. Then i though "there must be a way to avoid this tiredness everyday i come home from school!"

I started some researching on how I could rest optimally, and of course i ran into "Uberman Sleep Schedule". (I'll get down in details about that tomorrow, because I'm about to go to sleep now.) I understood that it was too unfitting for me, since I'm a student, and can't take a 20 minute nap during my schoolday, so i decided to choose a milder pattern: The Everyman 2-Nap.

I'll explain how this works tomorrow, as I really need to go to bed now. Good night, sleep tight!


Day 2.



Today was a pain in the ass to wake up. I was very close of falling asleep again, so I got to change my methods: If I turn the volume of the alarm twice as high, and prehaps place the alarm so I accually have to get out of bed to turn it off. I've done this method before, and it works like a charm (but I really hate when I hear the sound of the alarm).

I was waking up with this slight headache. I think that may be because I was up so late yeasterday AND today, and my body haven't adjusted yet ...

Mental: 6

Maybe I should buy one of theese?



I'm unable get any sleep during the naps, and it really begins to piss me off. I reacon that I care less about people, including myself. I guess this effect is because of the lack of REM sleep, and I'm constant tired. Today have been hell of a day, and my eyes hurt. I'm definitly looking forvard to the moment my body have adjusted.

Theese effects I'm writing about is not a problem for the moment, but I'm afraid that it might be if I can't get the REM sleep soon.

Mental: 4