As promised, I was going to tell you a little blit about theese sleep schedules.
The Everyman 2-Nap sleep schedule is a way to drastically reduce sleeping hours, and even feel more rested day in and day out. 
Stop talking bullshit!
You may think this is absurd, and would never work. Well, then I am here to tell you the truth: it's true! It's all about routines. You are setting up a mentally alarm clock in your head, and tell yourself when to sleep. In the process you need to be very disciplined, and hold on to the schedule. If you succeed, you will feel more rested and have a lot of spare time!

How does this work?
As i mentioned earlier: Its all about routines. You adjust your mind to sleep optimally when you are sleeping. The Uberman sleep schedule is probably the hardest one to complete, because there is no core sleep. It's just 20-30 minutes nap, six times a day. The reason why this works is because when you sleep, you have REM sleep. It's the REM sleep that helps organising your mind, and makes you feel less tired when you wake up. When you sleep maybe 8-9 hours in a row, you have little REM sleep, and a lot of waste sleep. In the schedule, your goal is to optimize the REM sleep. 

The Everyman 2-Nap sleep schedule:
Since I'm a student, and don't have any chance of going into a 20 minute nap during schoolday, i decided that Uberman was not for me. Instead, i found the Everyman 2-Nap schedule, which i found perfect for my needs. In this sleep schedule there is just two naps a day (20 minutes each), and one core sleep of 4,5 hours. 
My latest school day is to 14:40 (2:20PM), so i decided to have a nap 15:00 (3:00PM) and 18:00 (6:00PM), and the core sleep from 02:30 (02:30AM) to 07:00 (07:00AM). In this schedule i will sleep for a total of 5 hours and 10 minutes.

Naps: 15:00-15:20, 18:00-18:20 (40 minutes)
Core sleep: 02:30-07:00 (4 hours and 30 minutes)
6/13/2012 11:12:26 pm

i really love you're website, i really do but i must say that i like to comment this absurd routine of yours. I have one question for u my friend.. if you MUST do something one day, how can you get time for "everyman 2-nap sleep schedule?

xoxo yo sistah

The Author
6/13/2012 11:30:17 pm

Well, the great thing with Everyman 2-Nap sleep schedule is that it's not a disaster if you're an hour late, unlike the uberman sleep schedule where you must adjust to the sleep schedule all over again.



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