Day 1.

Note: The blog have changed the order of my posts, for a reason I can't explain, and then the Day 2 post is moved all the way down to the bottom of this blog.

Today have been a day of eternity. So much spare time! I heard my sister walk out the door as the clock hit 07:00, and my alarm started ringing. Somehow, i felt amazingly rested. It might have something with the 6 hours of sleep (15:00-21:00) the day before ... That "nap" made me take the decition to go for the Everyman 2-nap schedule. 
My whole house is totally clean now, and i have a lot of spare time. I really love this site, and I'm learning HTML, fast! It's so much fun, and my ambitions is to learn Javascript, which I can add to this page.

I will organize my mental state and physical state from a scale from 0-10.

Mental: 8
Physical: 7

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