Recovery - Project X
I've been offline for quite a time now. In the meantime I've celebrated my birthday, and I got a really cool MC-outfit (jeans): 
...And in a few days, I'll get my hard-earned money and buy theese boots, I'm excited! 

I've also attended to Partille-cup, worlds biggest handball cup. A week full of fun, even though we lost every match ... Well, there is at least a lot of beautiful and sexy girls there! 

And now, finally on topic:
I've been so little motivated to do ANYTHING at all the few last days, I haven't done anything at all. Just sitting, staring into the TV screen. Suddenly i woke up to reality, and came to a realisation: "Damn. What a lifestyle this is! This sucks ... I've got to do something!" And then I suddenly remembered this page/blog, and thought of the uberman sleep schedule again! It was a little "Yay" -moment for me. This also means that I'm going to keep updating this page again, starting at day ONE, starting today.

My training will start at Monday, when I'm at my fathers house. (My parents are divorced). 

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