Day 4.


I totally regret oversleeping yesterday, This is so hard! And because of the oversleep yesterday it will take more time for my body to adjust. It's like starting all over again ... (DAMN!) It's all about willpower.

At least i felt better yesterday, than every day except day one. Well, generally better, because my body is less susceptible to food now, and if this doesn't stop there's a reason to worry. I've always been the type of guy who eats pretty much, and I'm not a finicky eater. The worst problem is that I am hungry yet I don't want food. I just hope this problem stops, and I'm going to eat properly.
Another effect I've noticed so far is a huge lack of concentration. This is critical as I must read for my theory
test (MC) the upcoming week.

Mental: 6

Physical: 6

My baby ❤



Time for an update! Today have been a very bumpy road. In the beginning of the day was i totally smashed, unlike the afternoon, where I felt much better. Now, after the 20 minute nap am I tired. I really hope theese naps start to work soon, because what happens now is: I lie down, turn on my alarm, trying to sleep, but jest before I fall asleep goes the alarm. Ugh, what to do? I tried to read a bit before the clock hit 15:00, but it was of no use.
In my 4,5 hours core sleep i have began to have pretty wierd dreams, and nightmares have occured. But at least I can remember much more of my dreams than before! Maybe this is because I prehaps have more dreams? And remember some in particular? Anyway, whaterver this comes of, I really hope it last, because I nearly didn't remember a single dream before, now do I remember 1-2 dreams from each night!
A important detail in my life, which I've forgot to bring to this site: app development. I've made a little draft of a game, where main goal is to survive as long as possible. If you want to survive, do you have to jump on the incoming objects. I usually get about 20 seconds each round as average, but now is the average about 10-15 seconds.


Day 3.

"Damn!" was the only though in my head as i heard the doorbell, as i was lying in my bed. The clock was way over 11:00! Disaster! I can't even remember turning off the alarm ...

Well, there isn't so much to do about this, so I'll got to start over. The clock is about to hit 15:00, so i need to have a 20 minute nap! I'll be back for an update after the nap.

Mental: 6

Physical: 7



It was a tragedy, but I must reind myself that "Hey man, this is what you want! Do not let your tiredness impact your judgement!"
What I'm saying is that I wont give up untill I've adjusted to the sleep schedule.

Mental: 8

Physical: 7


Day 2.



Today was a pain in the ass to wake up. I was very close of falling asleep again, so I got to change my methods: If I turn the volume of the alarm twice as high, and prehaps place the alarm so I accually have to get out of bed to turn it off. I've done this method before, and it works like a charm (but I really hate when I hear the sound of the alarm).

I was waking up with this slight headache. I think that may be because I was up so late yeasterday AND today, and my body haven't adjusted yet ...

Mental: 6

Maybe I should buy one of theese?



I'm unable get any sleep during the naps, and it really begins to piss me off. I reacon that I care less about people, including myself. I guess this effect is because of the lack of REM sleep, and I'm constant tired. Today have been hell of a day, and my eyes hurt. I'm definitly looking forvard to the moment my body have adjusted.

Theese effects I'm writing about is not a problem for the moment, but I'm afraid that it might be if I can't get the REM sleep soon.

Mental: 4