I've never been talented when it comes to my left hand. Almost everything i do, is with my right hand. Therefore, i decided to learn to use my left hand as good as my right hand. So, how the hell am i supposed to do this? Use my left hand, ONLY! My everyday chours will be done with my left hand. How to remind myself of this? I taped my right hand with black duct-tape. So when i touch something with the tape, i recon this, and switch to my left hand instead. After a while, i hope this will be a feflex, and my left hand will do things automatically. When i say everything, i mean: Brush my teeth with my left hand, drink from glasses and bottles with left hand, switch knife and fork placement, my watch on my right hand and so on. I will feel a bit invalid for a few days, but I must complete this!

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