Mom:  "Clean your room, please?
Me: - Okay mom.
*Done cleaning room*
Mom: "Good job! I thought maybe since you're already in a cleaning-streak, you might as well do the dishes?"
Me, somewhat annoyed: - Well, I'm not in some "cleaning-streak", but yes, I can do the dishes for you ...
*Done doing the dishes*
Mom: "Thats my boy! ... Now, can you please take out the trash?" 

She had me going like this all day, so I'm really tired, but on the other hand, I got a very pleasant surprise today! I finnaly got the headphones I bought just the other day (31.12.12). I'm surprised by the very fast and free shipping! This was nice for my ears, and I could finnaly relax after a stressfull day after so much work at home after school!

I bought the JVC HA-S4X / Xtreme Xplosives On Ear Headphones, and I must say I'm very happy with my purchase. I didn't expect too much for a cuple of headphones for 32$, so theese have been way over my expectations. 
First of all: dat bass. I enjoy loads of different kinds of music, but what I defintly listens to the most is party-music. 
As for the name ... Xtreme Xplosives? Yeah... cool... "Hey pal! Look at my new aweome HA-S4X XTREME XPLOSIVES ON EAR HEADPHONES! BEAST" ... "Well, umm, that sounds nice dude ..."
Enough hate on the name, it wont tell anything about the product. This product is totally worth any last penny. My buddy owns a pair of Beats by dr.dre which he paid 200-300$ for, and trust me, it  was SO NOT worth it. I've compared theese headphones to the Beats headphones, and guess what? No remarkable difference! 
The design on theese aren't too bad either, and I had a good laugh when I saw the camo-color on the top. Many people say they have a problem with the building of theese, meaning they are meant for people with small heads. FALSE. Having average-sized head, these fit perfectly. 

One of the drawbacks with theese headphones you'll notice is the comfort. They are killing my ears! In the long-term they can be very painful wearing. For all this though, they have an excellent noice-reducer. You wont hear a single thing from the outside world when you're listening to music in theese. 

I will absolutely recommend the JVC HA-S4X headphones if you're needy of a pair of headphones, but short on money. A totally great music experince for a affordable price. 

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