Long time no see!

Long time no see indeed. I'ts been 6 months, yes? Well, thats not good. Not good at all. During all this time being inactive, I've quit the everyman-2 sleep schedule. I'm planning to get back to that project when the summer approaches, untill then I'll just postpone the project.

 I am currently trying to get the highest possible grades at school since I'm aiming for the aircraft-engineer school. Therefore I will set up a page "School" which includes school schedule, each course and logs. Hopefully this will be as educational experience for you as it will be for me. School won't be everything either, this blog will also be a new input for this website! I will post some entries every now and then.

 Untill then, Thanks!




I like your site and the fact that you write about the things in such a simple way- keep it up and good luck with school!


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